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Spice up your bedroom with these three tips

Celebrity interior designer Nina Petronzio offers the dos and don’ts to transform your bored-room in time for Valentine’s Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Between kids, careers and everyday errands, it's difficult for couples to stay organized, let alone create a place for romantic interludes. So the “Today” show decided to find three deserving couples who say their bedrooms are more like bored-rooms — that's b-o-r-e-d — and could use some spicing up for our special series on "Bedroom Makeovers." Celebrity interior designer Nina Petronzio was invited on the show and offers her top three dos and don'ts to start any project.

Have a planDon’t impulse-buy furniture without knowing your floor plan and what colors you plan on using. It pains me when someone is forced to plan their entire room based on a bargain-find retro sofa that may not even fit their space or that clashes with existing furniture they plan on keeping.  Do have a plan. If you are starting your project from scratch and haven’t committed to furniture yet, then start with the fabrics. There are many more paint colors to choose from than there are beautiful fabrics, unless you own your own silk looming company in the South of France.

Don’t overmatchDon’t overmatch your fabrics and furniture. Keep in mind that if you buy an all-inclusive matchy-matchy set, you will destroy your chances of showing your individuality and personality through your design. I am always amused with people who are adamant about matching all their furniture wood stains to their hardwood floors. Don’t match your shoes to your purse, and don’t match your furniture stains.Do mix furniture styles and wood grains to help create an ambience. Now, don’t take this point too far over the edge and pair a stainless steel dining chair with your Louis IX dining table, but don’t be afraid to go off the textbook and have some fun — show your individuality.

Clean the clutterDon’t clutter your space. I have some very simple solutions to tchotchkes: Goodwill, Out of the Closet, or any number of local charities in your area. Your entire house should not be a museum of family vacations, Valentine’s bears and seashells. Sentimental pieces are best confined to a specific cabinet or room but again, only if they make sense to the décor of the room.Do make storage space under your bed. If you really can’t bear to be far from your ceramic David statue, then store it away in a special chest that you keep in your closet.

Celebrity designer Nina Petronzio is based out of her West Hollywood furniture showroom, Plush Home.