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'SNL' spoofs 'House Hunters' couples in wacky sketch — watch it now!

Guest host Liev Schreiber and cast member Leslie Jones play a couple with offbeat tastes.
/ Source: TODAY

"Saturday Night Live" knows just how picky the homebuying couples on "House Hunters" can be — so the legendary comedy show had a blast spoofing them over the weekend!

In a wacky digital short, guest host Liev Schreiber ("Ray Donovan") and cast member Leslie Jones play a couple named John and Anne, whose offbeat tastes become apparent as they try to decide which of several homes to buy.

The first house, a split-level, wins points for being move-in ready and having nice granite countertops in the kitchen, Anne says while sharing a glass of wine with her hubby.

"And there was room for my man cave," John says, agreeing.

"But it didn't have any windows, just drawings of windows," Anne adds, as we flash back to the home's kooky illustrated walls.

From there, the sketch gets more surreal by the second, with Schreiber and Jones keeping hilariously straight faces.

House No. 2 is a ranch that has a half-car (?!) garage and room for a man cave. "But," Anne reminds her hubby, "the floor was vertical, remember? We kept shooting straight down?"

Viewers then see a flashback of the couple careening down the home's pesky vertical floors at high speed.

Liev Schreiber and Leslie Jones on "SNL"
John (Liev Schreiber) and Anne (Leslie Jones) slide down one home's pesky vertical walls on "Saturday Night Live's" surreal "House Hunters" spoof.

The third house, another split-level, also features room for John's man cave, and — another bonus! — "plenty of towel racks," adds Anne, as we flash back to a bathroom covered with towel racks from floor to ceiling.

A few more choices enter the picture as the couple recalls touring an actual cave, an invisible house (with a cat on the roof!) and an "abandoned split-level filled with Australian vampires."

That last home is nearly perfect, the couple agrees — except for the fact that its toilet is on the ceiling, and it lacks a man cave. But resourceful John shares a smart solution for that.

"If I can't have the cave, I'll just keep the man in the basement," he muses as we flash to cast member Pete Davidson being held prisoner in the couple's cellar. Yikes!

So, which house did Anne and John choose? Watch the hilarious video above to find out!

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