Snail mail via email? US Postal Service offers to send a digital sneak peek

/ Source: TODAY

If you want to know what to expect in your mailbox before the mail even arrives, then the United States Postal Service has a new program just for you.

Informed Delivery offers a sneak peek of letters (but nothing boxed or bulky) sent straight to your inbox at 8 a.m. each morning, if you sign up online for the service.

Well, if you sign up for the service and also happen to live in parts New York, Virginia or Connecticut — the regions where the pilot program is currently rolling out.

While it's only the front of each envelope that will sent, according to the USPS website, Informed Delivery will enhance "the value of mail to consumers who are increasingly mobile and who value digital communications."

Participate in this new USPS service enhancement test and get images of the mail that will be placed in your mailbox each day. Black and white images of your actual letter-sized mail pieces, processed by USPS sorting equipment, will be provided to you each morning. Flat-sized pieces, such as catalogues or magazines, may be added in the future. Participation is limited to certain ZIP Codes ™ at this time. See the FAQs for more details.USPS

And as for senders of junk mail, aka advertisers, the USPS promises a boon for them, too, stating, "The service allows mailers increased access to today’s customers."

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