Simplify your life: 4 DIY videos for Easter decorations, spring cleaning

From a tasty way to make Easter eggshell cupcakes to 25 hacks to simplify your life, Zayna Aston from YouTube shares some of the hottest videos on the site.

How to make Easter eggshell cupcakes
Try making these cute Easter egg “cupcakes" from the AllRecipes.com YouTube channel, where there are hundreds of how-to and instructional-cooking videos.

DIY Easter decorations 
Since starting her HeyKayli YouTube channel in 2011, Kayli Butler has become a popular resource on everything from health and beauty to cooking and DIYs. Since then, she has racked up over 20 million views on her more than 260 videos.

DIY keyboard magnets
Ever wonder what to do with your used computer keyboard? Rosanna Pansino's channel “Nerdy Nummies” gives fun ideas for spring cleaning, including a creative way to use letters from your keyboard.

25 life hacks to make things easier for you
Both educational and entertaining, the list25 YouTube channel combines intriguing information on a variety of subjects so you can learn "something new every day." Started by college roommates Syed Balkhi and David Pegg in 2011, the channel has now racked up over 120 million views and 870,000 subscribers.