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The silhouette trend is starting to take form

Move over, Hitchcock! From portraits to pillows, the once-stuffy side profile is what's hip around the house these days.
/ Source: TODAY

Interested in decorating your home in a unique and simple way? Consider silhouettes, which are a beautiful, graphic and chic motif in and of itself. There are a range of silhouette products available these days.  Some are decorative, generic silhouettes on things like pillows and plates. Other companies offer personalized, one-of-a-kind silhouettes of loved ones on everything from stationery to jewelry to brightly hued silk-screened portraits that resemble pop art.

TODAY Contributor Elizabeth Mayhew lists how silhouettes are stepping out of the shadows and back into our homes in a modern way:

Stationery, Rubber Stamps, Paperweight
Fontaine Maury is a company that offers personalized silhouette stationery, notepads, rubber stamps, paperweights, fabric, wallpaper and wall decor. You take a picture of your child, dog, cat, or even your horse and they will create a stylish likeness. There is a $25 set-up fee for the silhouette. Once the silhouette is set-up, it can be used again on any item. (Stationery, $48 for 25 pieces; Rubber Stamp, $25; Paperweight, $32 at

Fabric Nothing will add a personal touch to your pillow or chair like one-of-a-kind silhouette fabric (also by Fontaine Maury). The set-up fee is $150 to $300 depending on complexity and number of silhouettes, proof on fabric is $45. ($114 - $168, depending on whether it's a cotton/linen blend, linen, or cotton sateen @

Pendant Immortalize a child, a significant other or even a pet with an 18K gold silhouette pendant. From a photograph you provide, Vicente Agor will illustrate a silhouette of your loved one. The illustration is then used to create a unique piece of jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted and takes about 4-6 weeks. ($1100 @

Portraits Forget your basic black and white silhouettes. These silkscreened portraits on paper are bold, bright and modern. Customers can choose two colors - one for background and one for the silhouette. You can either come to the New York shop for a sitting or can send digital imagery. Rather than being output from a computer, they are hand silkscreened and custom made "art" that is signed. ($950.00 for a 20 x 30; $2100.00 for a 30 x 40

Clock Pascal Tarabay modernizes a traditional cuckoo clock by silhouetting it's shape. The result is a cartoon-like witty design that should bring a smile to the face every time the cuckoo announces the hour. The cuckoo 'goes to sleep' at night, thanks to a light sensor. Requires two D batteries. Available in sky blue, white, orange ($199.00 @

Console By silhouetting the lines of a traditional Victorian design, this console table is made modern. Available in dark brown and white ($499 @

Plates Thomas Paul is a designer known for reinterpreting and modernizing classic design styles. This set of gothic dessert plates show man, woman, bird and horse in graphic silhouette. Made of melamine, they are dishwasher-safe, but not microwave-safe. ($28 for set of 4,

Mobile Monsieur and Mademoiselle silhouette mobile is a paper chandelier inspired by nineteenth century silhouette artisans. Laser cut from 100% cotton museum board these images remind us of fond and curious memories from past generations. Hang them in a window or in the corner of the room to add a graphic touch. They come in black and ivory. ($55 @

Pillows Designer Thomas Paul turns to a chinoiserie silhouette on these pillows made from 100% linen. Use them to update a humdrum sofa or chair. Available in golden yellow, java brown, scarlet red, moss green ($96 @

Side Table Victorian-inspired silhouette side table by Brocade Home ($169 @

Gift Wrap The silhouette trend is going to the dogs in wrapping paper. The vibrant silhouettes of man's best friend come in spaniel, retriever, mutt and wiener dog silhouettes. ($4.50 @