The 10 shows we'd like to see on Dog TV

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Dogs watching TV

Today marks the launch of the latest, greatest and strangest innovation in 24-hour cable programming: Dog TV.

The channel, which produces content solely for your pup, will play round the clock TV shows aimed at keeping dogs happy and comfortable while their owners are at work or school.

The content will vary from soft background music played for three to five minute segments to loud and exciting sounds of the outside world to stimulate the dog’s brain. While the programming has been “scientifically developed” to keep dogs entertained, here are a few TV shows we wouldn’t mind seeing adapted for man’s best friend:

1.) Barking Bad
Move over, Heisenberg.

2.) True Bloodhound
Where the part of Sookie is obviously played by a cat.

3.) Game of Bones
Ned Bark, Dognaerys, Tyri-bone Lannister…we can do this all day.

4.) Dog Dynasty
It could still be about duck hunting.

5.) The Woofing Dead
Seriously, what’s more terrifying than a dog zombie?

6.) Dog House Hunters
Gives “you’re in the doghouse now” a whole new meaning.

7.) Paws and Recreation
We’d still like it to feature Rob Lowe.

8.) The New Growl
Just a quirky poodle living in a loft with three mutts.

9.) Arrested Dog-velopment
There’re always bones in the Banana Stand

10.) Real Housewoofs of Bone-verly Hills
The fights are usually pretty catty.

What do you think—does Dog TV sound worth the $5 a month subscription fee? Let us know!

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