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Self-cleaning sheets do exist! Silvon launches bacteria-resistant bedding

Sheets can accumulate a gross amount of bacteria, allergens and fungus. But one start-up is hoping to change that.
/ Source: TODAY

Think about it: We often toss our T-shirts in the wash after one day of wear, but sleep on sheets and pillowcases for sometimes weeks at a time.

Even after just one night of use, they can accumulate a gross amount of bacteria, allergens and fungus. But one start-up is hoping to change that.

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Silvon has introduced a new line of sheets and pillowcases that are bacteria-resistant, and it seems like people are really excited about the idea of it. The company’s Kickstarter campaign has already garnered thousands of backers who have collectively pledged over $399,000 for the product which will make its official debut in August.

So what makes these sheet sets literally clean themselves? The answer is silver. The metallic element is naturally oligodynamic, which means it can basically sterilize itself. Fuse silver with fibers and you’ve got some smart bacteria-resistant bedding.

The company’s Kickstarter page claims that the fabric they created is 99.9 percent effective in preventing the growth of bacteria on the surface. It’s also all-natural, so no harsh chemical treatments are used to adhere the silver to the fabric.

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But is it soft? We haven’t tried it out yet, but Silvon says it’s incredibly soft since it’s made from Supima cotton. With a 300 thread count, they describe the fabric as breathable and comparable to some of the most luxurious sets available.

While you’ll still have to wash your sheets (we’re not that lucky yet!), they recommend washing every 10-14 days as opposed to the suggested once a week for normal sets. That’s because they’re sadly not resistant to dust and other debris.

Interested in having a set for yourself? You can purchase one at the Kickstarter page now until June 16, when the campaign ends. A standard pillowcase set is $50 while a full/queen sheet set is $150, and of course more options are available.