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See this nursery go from dull to delightful after a major makeover

This nursery was transformed from dark and dreary to bright and family-friendly!
Just look at the difference!Dustin Walker for Hutch
/ Source: TODAY

When Kimberly and Adam Weinstein set about creating a room for their two young daughters, they knew they wanted it to be as bright and fun as it was functional.

As a busy marketing consultant at Facebook, Kimberly Weinstein decided she could use a little help figuring out how to re-work the nursery in her Los Angeles home — especially when it came to the furniture layout. Weinstein worked with Lauren Krieger, an interior designer, who used the virtual decorating platform Hutch to rearrange the layout so there wouldn't be any wasted space.

The room needed some work to become a beautiful nursery.Dustin Walker for Hutch

"The biggest concern when prepping the nursery was the architecture of the room itself," Weinstein told TODAY Home. "There’s very little wall space ... (which) left limited options to place furniture around the room, and with nearly every inch of wall space utilized, we didn’t want the room to feel overrun with big clunky pieces."

Weinstein also wanted to keep the space from looking too young so that her daughters, August, 3, and Zoe, 1, could continue to enjoy it as they grow up.

Weinstein loves that the room is fun and bright in the daytime, but transitions to a "peaceful, calming ambiance" at night.Courtesy of Dustin Walker

"We aimed to create a setting that is playful but sophisticated; feminine and bold," said Weinstein.

While the pink dresser was an "impulse purchase," according to Weinstein, the rest of the space was decorated intentionally to feel bold and bright with a new light fixture, softer curtains and lighter paint color.

There's plenty of space to play!Dustin Walker for Hutch

When considering the re-design, the couple knew they wanted to incorporate a special family painting that was given to them at their wedding reception.

"My husband Adam proposed in front of the Notre-Dame in Paris. On our wedding day, my parents gifted us a piece of art my paternal grandmother, Grandma Smith, had painted of the cathedral," Weinstein said. "Her art in our home has always been one of my most treasured possessions and there’s no better way to honor it than (to put it) in my daughters' bedroom."

The artwork Weinstein's grandmother painted holds a prominent place in the center of the girls' room.Dustin Walker for Hutch

They also made sure to include a sweet memento from the moment they found out they were having a girl in the doctor's office.

"We framed the note our OBGYN wrote on a prescription pad identifying the sex of the baby back in 2014," said Weinstein. "(It says), 'You're having a little girl!' It's definitely a keepsake."

While Weinstein said she appreciates the beautiful design, it's those unique and personal items that she considers the most special.