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See how the 'Friends' apartment might have looked in the '50s, '60s, '70s and on

What would Monica Geller's apartment look like in the 60s or 70s? See the re-imagined space spanning through seven decades.
Friends apartment
See what the "Friends" apartment might have looked like through the decadesGetty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Monica Geller’s apartment in “Friends” is one of the most iconic TV homes in television history, and the style and decor was quintessential '90s (the sitcom first aired in 1994).

But what would Monica’s apartment look like had she lived in it during another decade? Home service website Angie’s List has reimagined the place through the years and, in the spirit of Chandler Bing, we have to say, “Could this be any more retro?”


Friends apartment reimagined
Monica might have turned to the first Hollywood films for ideas of how to decorate her apartment if it were in the '20s.Angie's List

If Monica and the crew were around in the Roaring '20s, the apartment might have had art deco furniture, along with clean, bold lines and glossy surfaces. The reimagined home would have chic green walls, checkered floors and “Great Gatsby”-inspired accents.


"Friends" apartment reimagined
Decor was less lavish in the '30s, but in homes that could afford it, we'd see new and exciting pieces.Angie's List

Clean lines and natural-looking furniture (aka “Scandi-chic”) was big in the 1930s, and Monica might have splurged on an Alvar Aalto chair, pictured on the far right.


Abstract patterns would have kept Joey hypnotized for hours, said the Angie's List team.Angie's List

How you doin’, floral sofa? In the 1940s, patterns were all the rage. In this design, Monica’s dining table sits on an abstract rug, and the set includes tub dining chairs, which seem cozy for all those uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinners.


Turquoise walls are quite a bold statement in this '50s design.Angie's List

Sleek midcentury modern furniture and bright colors give the room a fun pop in this design inspired by the 1950s.


Now this is a groovy place!Angie's List

Things get even brighter in the '60s. For this design, the team came up with "far-out" patterns and crazy colors, along with a cool, Space Age light fixture Ross would have certainly loved.


The '70s was a bold decade with lots of cultural clashes, so it's no surprise that Monica's apartment would have strong furniture colors and a clashing pinstripe wallpaper, says Angie's List.Angie's List

Even bolder hues take over the apartment in the 1970s. A pink pinstripe wallpaper clashes but still looks cool against the cherry red sofa and green armchair. The Guzzini-style mushroom lamp hangs over the living area.


Monica's apartment would be 80s chic if the show had been filmed it a decade before it aired.Angie's List

Pink walls and white accents create the backsplash of Monica’s '80s apartment, complete with tufted and wood furniture, and a sparkly chandelier.

Wonder what Monica's abode would look like present today? See the reimagined apartment here!