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See Christina Anstead's closet go from messy to magnificent after a makeover

The "Flip or Flop" and "Christina on the Coast" star organized her closet and pantry to perfection.
/ Source: TODAY

All Christina Anstead wants for Christmas is an organized home.

Like many new moms, the "Flip or Flop" star — who welcomed baby Hudson earlier this fall — feels like her house has become a bit chaotic lately. So with Christmas right around the corner, the 36-year-old decided to whip her home into shape, with a little help from some organizing pros.

Anstead enlisted the organization gurus at Done & Done Home to help clean up her pantry and closet, and give her some much needed peace of mind. With five kids at home — Anstead is mom to Taylor, 8, and Braden, 3, and her husband is father to Amelie, 15, and Archie, 12 — we can't say we blame the HGTV star for craving a bit of organization.

"I treated myself to an early Christmas present- ORGANIZATION. Since our baby boy came into our life our home has become clutter city ... especially my pantry and closet," Anstead wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of her newly immaculate spaces.

Done & Done Home co-founder Ann Lightfoot told TODAY Home that Anstead simply needed a helping hand to step up her organizing game.

"For the most part, Christina is incredibly organized. She had just gotten overwhelmed since the baby came. She didn't have tons of clutter or things to throw away; she just needed better systems and bins to keep the systems going and help finding the right home for things in her closet and pantry," Lightfoot said.

A "before" photo of Anstead's pantry

One problem area? Making the best use of shelf space in the pantry. The Done & Done Home experts added some clear bins and wicker baskets to keep everything organized and in a designated place.

Anstead's newly organized pantry

"The clear bins we added make the pantry visually appealing but also give structure to grouping 'like' items together. We moved small things, like spices from the deeper shelving in the back, off to the sides where it fit perfectly," Lightfoot said.

A "before" look at Anstead's closet

The team also tackled Anstead's spacious closet, sorting her impressive shoe and clothing collection and cleaning up clutter along the way.

Anstead's closet had become a bit cluttered.

"For her master closet, it was a matter of taking everything out and figuring out what's best to hang versus fold and how to use her open shelves in a way that was visually appealing and functional. We also removed things that didn't need to live in the closet, like books and extra children's things," Lightfoot said.

Anstead's newly organized master closetDone and Done Home

The "Christina on the Coast" star is clearly thrilled with her newly organized spaces, expressing her gratitude on Instagram by writing, "thank you @doneanddonehome for dialing these areas for me. I have found so many things I forgot existed and I feel happy when I look in these areas now. ♥️"

If your home could use a thorough decluttering, Lightfoot suggests trying the following organization methods:

  • Never leave a room empty-handed: "Through the course of a day, many of the items in our homes get relocated. Whether it’s your morning coffee cup or your child’s bucket of blocks, things end up where they don’t belong. Make a habit that every time you leave a room, you grab something and put it back where it lives," she said.
  • Watch what comes in the front door: "Continually try and recommit to intentional consumerism. The main reason our homes get cluttered and disorganized is because we all have too much stuff. We like to apply the 'one in, one out' rule," she said. "It's an oldie but goodie because it works. If you can’t pass up on a new pair of heels, another pair you already own has to go. Home decor, perfume, clothes, pet toys, whatever the item may be … if a new thing comes in, an old one needs to go out.
  • Do a seasonal edit: "No matter how careful you are, there will be things in your home that you no longer want or need. The changing of the seasons is a great time to go through your possessions. For example, when spring arrives, it’s a great opportunity to go through your winter clothes. Weed out the sweaters and scarves you didn’t wear and put them in your donation bin. Do the same process in all the zones of your home such as your pantry, linen closets and medicine cabinets," she said.