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See this bathroom go from glum to glam after a makeover — for less than $300!

It looks like it belongs in a boutique hotel!
/ Source: TODAY

Home design blogger Miranda Wulfekoetter of Kansas City, Missouri, hated her bathroom.

“It had ugly, almond flooring, chrome fixtures and a '90s tri-fold mirror that took up too much space,” she told TODAY Home.

Glam green getaway bathroom makeover
Before: The bathroom felt old and outdated.Miranda Wulfekoetter/ Blue Agate Abode

So, she decided to give it a glam makeover — totaling just $275 out of pocket — and now it feels like a completely different room in the best way possible.

“When I tire of mothering and need five minutes of privacy, taking a shower in this space is much more soothing than it was when all I saw was a ‘project space.’”

Glam green getaway bathroom makeover
After: The bathroom pops with bold color and rich accents.Miranda Wulfekoetter/ Blue Agate Abode

The new room’s design was partly inspired by three framed leaves she already had on hand for wall art. From there, her vision became a cross between a funky boutique hotel and a lush green getaway in the Amazon.

“Two places I haven’t been and, unfortunately, have no plans to travel to soon,” she said. “All the more reason to create them in my own home!”

These three framed leaves were the inspiration behind the bathroom's new design.
These three framed leaves were the inspiration behind the bathroom's new design.Miranda Wulfekoetter/ Blue Agate Abode

Wulfekoetter gave the walls a bold refresh using bright green paint. She also gave the cabinets a dramatic makeover with black paint, and painted the towel bars and shower fixtures to match (see exactly how she did it here).

Yes, you can paint shower fixtures and towel bars.Miranda Wulfekoetter/ Blue Agate Abode

For the floor, she covered the old laminate with vinyl tile stickers. The gold pattern gives the room a glam and funky feel. “It just spoke to me and fit into my vision for the space,” she said.

The floors are covered in stickers!Miranda Wulfekoetter/ Blue Agate Abode

And that ugly, tri-fold mirror? It got replaced with an antique that she found for $10.

An antique mirror gives the space a whole new feel.Miranda Wulfekoetter/ Blue Agate Abode

“I think I love this bathroom more each day,” she said. “When I walk in, it elevates my mood.”

Inspired? See more pictures of the project at Wulfekoetter’s blog, Blue Agate Abode.