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See this bathroom go from boring to beautiful — for just $250!

After a major makeover, this bathroom makes a mighty statement!
From drab ... to fab!
From drab ... to fab!TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

If your bathroom could use a major update, but you can't spare the cash — don't worry! TODAY Tastemaker and interior designer, Francesco Bilotto, is here to show us how to make our homes look better on a budget. This bathroom was completely redone without construction for just $250.

He accomplished this by using removable wallpaper, creating a DIY shower curtain and adding smart and useful storage. Now, Bilotto's sharing some of best hacks and easy tips for you to try at home!

Step 1: Try removable wallpaper

The easiest way to transform a space? Start with the walls.

"Think beyond the paint," Bilotto told TODAY Home. "Like wallpaper or, in this case, a removable wall covering."

The space looked plain and simple before the wallpaper.
The space looked plain and simple before the wallpaper.TODAY
Bathroom before/after
The wallpaper and artwork make this bathroom feel chic and sophisticated!TODAY

Bilotto says that wallpaper is easy to install, while also adding elements of texture and style. The best part is, the damage-free adhesive will make it easy to switch if you change your mind or live in a rental.

Pro tip: Use a plastic scrapper or credit card to swipe out any bubbles or mistakes.

Step 2: Add storage

What's the one thing every bathroom could use? More storage, of course! It's as simple as adding a shelf or block of wood to the top of the toilet and adding stick-on organizers to your walls.

Instant organization!

To add even more storage space, Bilotto kept it chic by bringing the bar cart trend into the bathroom.

"Having the bar cart added extra surface area," said Bilotto. "It’s less utilitarian looking and a little more cosmopolitan."

Step 3: DIY a shower curtain ... with a bed sheet!

To add an elegant touch, Bilotto used a flat sheet to create a brand-new shower curtain. And it's really easy to do!

Before: The simple shower curtain and blank walls don't add a lot of character -- or storage solutions.
Before: The simple shower curtain and blank walls don't add a lot of character -- or storage solutions.Jessica Dunn / TODAY
Bathroom renovation
A shelf over the toilet and a DIY shower curtain create a stylish look.TODAY

He started by cutting holes on both ends of the sheet's hem and threading the tension rod through one side and out the other. He then put the tension rod as high as possible to create a dramatic shower curtain that was the perfect height for the space.

"The smaller the space, the higher the eye needs to travel," Bilotto explained.

The accompanying pillowcase even works as a tie-back to keep the curtain open when the shower isn't in use.

Pro tip: Use a plastic shower liner on the existing rod to protect your DIY curtain.

Step 3: Add some art!

And make sure that you add some character to the small space with art — the bigger the better.

"A lot of people don’t put large artwork in their bathroom," said Bilotto. "I think the bigger the piece of art, the bigger the room feels."

Add a groovy bath mat and bathroom-friendly plants for the perfect last touches.

With accessories and storage solutions, Bilotto really demonstrates how easy it is to take your small bathroom from drab to fab.

"It should really recharge your soul on top of your body instead of just being a place you pass through," said Bilotto.

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