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/ Source: TODAY
By Zoe Weiner

Ever wonder what happens after the final rose on "The Bachelorette"? Well, for Season 12 couple Joelle "Jojo" Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, it’s a whole lot of home renovations.

Since they finished filming the show in the spring of 2016, the couple’s happily ever after has been filled with paint, sledge hammers and a whole lot of hard work. And their latest project — a top-to-bottom transformation they've shared on Instagram — is nothing short of impressive.

"Anytime I am renovating a home, I always try to keep in mind who I think would end up in it,” Fletcher told TODAY Home over email. "This home felt like the perfect family home to me. I wanted to open the space up, yet keep it 'homey' at the same time.”

The couple has been flipping houses since they've been together, but Fletcher worked on similar projects long before she met Rodgers.

"I have always loved doing what I do, but it’s been so much more fun having Jordan around to help out and bounce ideas off of,” said Fletcher, who started working on renovations in college. "Being able to do what I love with the person that I love is so rewarding to me. He definitely makes those long demo days a little more entertaining!”

The kitchen before Jojo and Jordan took a sledge hammer to it.Joelle Fletcher

For the most recent project, Fletcher began the planning phase as she always does: with a vision board.

"Once we have that in place, demolition, new installations, plumbing and electrical, dry wall, paint, flooring, etc all goes in,” she told TODAY. "Finishing touches such as hardware, landscaping and staging really get me excited as you get to see the house finally come together.”

No open floor plan ... yet.Joelle Fletcher

She also notes that a fresh coat of paint can make a major difference and loves to use a bright white for a timeless and clean look.

Her favorite room for this project in particular was the kitchen, which she transitioned into an open-concept floor plan.

A major transformation, care of Jojo and Jordan.Joelle Fletcher

“Now you can walk into the front door and be greeted by this large, gorgeous, farm-style kitchen,” she said.

“By opening up the kitchen and creating a large island, as well as adding the reclaimed wood floating shelves, it seemed like a space (where) everyone would gather and enjoy. The house came together so perfectly! It is the perfect mix between farmhouse and modern. It’s bright, fresh and clean.”

A real fixer-upper!Joelle Fletcher

The master bedroom, however, wasn’t quite as fun to remodel.

"I struggled the most with the master bedroom. The space was small and there wasn't a ton of wiggle room there,” she said. "By adding the extra recess lighting, the barn door opening to the master bath and by opening up closet space, we were able to make this room feel bigger and more welcoming.”

With so many successful products under their belts, there’s chatter around the internet that Jordan and Jojo might just be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines (especially now that "Fixer Upper" is no more). So could there be a TV series in their future? For now, the answer is "TBD," or to be determined, but Fletcher does have some advice for other couples looking to follow in their home-flipping footsteps.

"Create a budget, discuss design preferences, compromise and try not to get overwhelmed through the process," she said. "A few helpful tips to getting started is to know there are easy, quick fixes that make a big impact, like replacing hardware in your kitchen or bathrooms. You also don’t need to always replace the cabinetry. A little refinishing and a fresh coat of paint go a long way."

So if "The Bachelor" mansion needs a refresh before next season, it looks like the producers have the perfect team on call.