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Do you like scary houses? You can attend a party at the 'Scream' home

Stu's house from "Scream" is the location of an epic fan party scheduled for October 27. See inside the house and find out how to attend.
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/ Source: TODAY

What’s your favorite scary movie? If it’s “Scream,” you may want to start planning your trip to Santa Rosa, California.

Stu’s house, which was the scene of a party plagued with multiple murders in the 1996 slasher film, is going to be the location of one epic event for fans on October 27.

You can hang out at Stu's house from "Scream."Anthony Masi

The home will be open to 500 guests who will get to see firsthand where those gruesome (but fictional) deaths occurred. And 18 (brave) people will get to stay overnight in the five-bedroom residence.

The upstairs bedroom where VIP guests can spend the night.Anthony Masi

The event is part of a production that was launched with a Kickstarter campaign from “Scream” super fans Anthony Masi, a horror movie producer and event planner, and Nate Ragon, a movie memorabilia collector.

“In the movie, Stu (played by Matthew Lillard) is hosting a giant party when the killer shows up, and causes things to get real bloody real fast,” they wrote on the page. “At our event, however, we'll just keep partying and hope Ghostface doesn't make an appearance!”

The kitchen where Sidney finds out who the killer is.Anthony Masi

Fans will get to hang out in the kitchen where Sidney (Neve Campbell), Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu have their showdown. The space still has the white tile countertops, small center island and the same microwave used in the movie.

You can also walk up (and maybe tumble down) the same staircase Billy fell on.

Be careful on these stairs!Anthony Masi

And the garage where Tatum (Rose McGowan) got gruesomely killed is still mostly intact, although the owners got rid of the infamous doggy door — perhaps for safety reasons after knowing what could happen!

No more doggy door!Anthony Masi

The home is normally rented for weddings, but the owners plan to live in it permanently within the next year, meaning this will probably be the only chance for “Scream” fans to party at the house with each other.

The front porch, which was part of a major scene featuring Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard.Anthony Masi

Activities will include a movie screening on the property and a visit from Roger Jackson, who provided the voice of Ghostface in the movie. For an extra $125, guests can even receive a phone call from him in the same voice he used in the film (so you can have the same creepy feeling Sidney got when she received the call from him).

Find out more info about the event at "Scream" Comes Home.