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Watch Sadie Robertson give a tour of her family home: 'My favorite place in the world'

She and her husband quarantined at her family's farm.
/ Source: TODAY

Sadie Robertson has entered the living rooms of millions by way of the reality show "Duck Dynasty." Now, we are the ones entering her home in a new series on TODAY entitled "My Happy Place" where some of our favorite celebrities share with us the spaces they hold dear to their hearts.

"My home is probably my favorite place in the world," the 23-year-old reality star and New York Times bestselling author told TODAY. "It is the most peaceful, beautiful home."


Robertson gives her mom, Korie Robertson, all the credit for designing it. "I got to say," she said, "my mom did an amazing job with all the design work of it."

Author of the new book "Live," Robertson begins her tour in the living room, where a massive wrap around couch sits looking super comfortable and cozy.


"This is probably the most comfortable spot in the house for me," she said. "This couch is like everything though: the way that it wraps around it... so big. So when we can all sit on this deep couch, it's so fun. We play games around this little table, watch our reality TV right here."

"And I just love how open the house is. You see everything, you see everyone and then you're one step away from the kitchen table."

Next, the "Dancing with the Stars" alum takes us into the home's spacious dining room, that features a massive wooden kitchen table that she says is "the heart of this home."

"It really comes around dinner time," she said. "And I think that's kind of a Southern thing for sure. If you even watched our show and 'Duck Dynasty,' we came around dinner and prayed together and that wasn't really even for a show. That's just what we did."

Her father's cooking is the glue that keeps her close family bonded. "My dad is an amazing cook and when he cooks it in there and we all get around the dinner table, it's just some of the best conversations and just the sweetest times," she shared.

Upstairs in her bedroom, a huge sign reads "kind" that is prominently featured above her white desk. "That's something my mom always prayed over us that we would be strong and we would be kind," she explained.

And while Robertson and her sister, Bella Robertson, have historically always shared rooms, in this house, they have their own rooms with a twist. "Our rooms are right beside each and we have a barn door so we can close it if we need our personal space and we can open it when we want to be sharing a room," she said.

Bella, who is super creative, features lots of "little artworks around her room" while Sadie has one special piece hanging in the hallway: a portrait of her and dancing partner, Mark Ballas, from "Dancing with the Stars."

In the family office, there's another piece of art that holds quite a lot of meaning: a mural of scripture verses on the floor.

"The foundation of everything my family does is our faith and literally the foundation of this floor has that incorporated," she said. "My mom actually put scriptures on the floor from each of the kids. This is just a little reminder of making sure that God's word is at the forefront and the foundation of everything we do."

Outside, Robertson gives a tour of the sprawling greenery that feature a massive tennis court where a very special occasion took place: her wedding ceremony!

"This is where it all goes down," she said. "Believe it or not, this became a wedding venue. You know, I think it's pretty beautiful as a tennis court as somebody who loves tennis, but let me tell you, the wedding was just absolutely stunning."

Using greenery and string lights, party planners transformed the courts into a gorgeous nighttime garden with 650 chairs and a stage. "It was just amazing," she added.