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Book lovers create magical nooks for their shelves

The dioramas create little scenes between books on the shelf!
/ Source: TODAY

Reading a book can be a magical experience, and now your bookshelf can be one too.

Some bibliophiles have created dollhouse-like alleyways for their bookcases, and it’s becoming a trend thanks to buzz on the internet.

"Japan old town Booknook" was inspired by creator Khai Van's recent trip to Japan.Courtesy of Techarge LLC

“I have seen various people make similar products over the past years using this concept,” Khai Van of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, told TODAY Home.

He explained the concept is called "book nook," and the name originated from Reddit. “To me, book nook is like a small magical alley to our imagination world. I loved the idea so much that I decided to make one for myself last year.”

After sharing his project on Reddit and Instagram, Van said he received so much love that he began making more to share with others through his startup studio, Techarge LLC.

Van's "Wizard Alley Booknook" design was inspired by the "Harry Potter" series.Courtesy of Techarge LLC

Van’s popular “Wizard Alley Booknook” design is available on Kickstarter. Other crafters have also launched their own styles you can buy online, like this medieval alleyway design on Etsy by Rodney Ben.

Some can cost hundreds of dollars per unit because of the time and detail put into each one.

Ben, who runs his Vega Woodworks Etsy shop out of Marksville, Louisiana, uses 3D printing to create his pieces. He has made 100 since he first started in September.

“Unfortunately 3D printing is a slow process,” he said, adding that he spends another five or so hours painting, wiring LED lights and assembling each piece.

Baiba Murray of Snohomish, Washington, is one of Ben’s happy customers.

My husband actually came across these on Reddit back in November and knew I would love it,” she said. “I love how whimsical it is. It truly looks like you could enter a hidden world straight from my bookshelf.”

Murray said that the alley also appears as though it keeps going, “which makes it very magical.”

If you want to make one yourself, there is also a popular DIY kit available on Etsy from Benjamin and Pamela George of North Logan, Utah.

The Les Miserables-inspired bookshelf art DIY KitCourtesy of Hemisphere Design

“Most of the book nooks we sell are DIY kits,” Benjamin said of their business, Hemisphere Design. “This surprised us because we thought people would want to buy the complete artwork. But people really love putting them together.”

Of course, if you’re really up for a challenge, you can try to make your own from cardboard. Here’s a Youtube tutorial to get you started.