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This brightly colored apartment feels like spring all year round

Behold: It's a rainbow unicorn apartment!
/ Source: TODAY

Amina Mucciolo jokes that she might not get her deposit back on her rental apartment in downtown Los Angeles. That’s because it’s painted in every color of the rainbow.

“I can’t have just a white apartment,” the 34-year-old founder of luxury handmade goods shop Studio Mucci told TODAY Home. And she definitely doesn’t. The loft apartment that she shares with her husband is colorful, vibrant and extremely happy — just like her personality.

“Rainbows are pretty much my whole life,” she said of the inspiration for her home decor style.

There’s also a spring theme happening, which she chose because it’s her favorite season. “Everything is more colorful and in bloom,” she said. “It feels fresh and hopeful. I really wanted to make my house feel like spring all year round.”

One of the main focal points of the home is her flower wall, which features more than 1,000 flowers on a piece of canvas. “I would go to events and see backdrops of flower walls,” she said of how she got the idea for it. “I knew I wanted mine to be ginormous.”

She enlisted a friend to help her hot glue the flowers onto the fabric over the course of two days. She said it took a lot of patience but was totally worth it.

Another big project she did was the 20’x12’ splatter-paint wall that connects the whole apartment, starting in the living room and going through the kitchen into the bedroom. At first she used 19 different colors to create a rainbow, but felt like it wasn’t quite working.

“It was just a rainbow stripe,” she said. “So, I went a little crazy and decided to splatter paint it with every color.”

The result is pretty epic, and it happens to be her favorite part of the house.

Colorful furniture complements the walls in the living room and bedroom. And in the kitchen, Mucciolo channeled her love for Care Bears, lining up the toy figurines above the cabinets that are covered in colorful washi tape.

She added that if you want to do something like this but also want your deposit back, there are still a lot of things you can do that are removable, like the washi-tape cabinets and flower-wall canvas.

While a home this bright might not appeal to everyone, Mucciolo said that her husband loves it. “I think it makes him happy,” she said. “But I tell people if he didn’t live here, it would be even crazier. He helps me to edit because his taste is a little more minimal.”

See a tour of the fun and colorful apartment below: