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Rainbow Christmas trees are the hottest new holiday trend

It's sure to be a bright and colorful holiday season!
/ Source: TODAY

There's a new, untraditional Christmas trend taking over 2019. This year, it’s all about lots of color!

Enter: the rainbow Christmas tree.

Rainbow Christmas tree
The rainbow Christmas tree is 2019's untraditional holiday decor trend.Amazon

As stores display their holiday decor, we’re spotting an increasing number of these fun and super colorful alternatives for traditional artificial trees.

Holiday trends that forgo the traditional green Christmas tree aren’t anything new. Last year, we reported on the moody, darker holiday trend using black trees, and in 2017 people really turned things upside down — literally — by hanging their trees from the ceiling.

But the rainbow tree isn't just for the holiday season. Some teachers have been spotted using them to decorate their classrooms for back to school, since the colors look like a crayon box. Because of their resemblance to the LGBTQ pride flag, the rainbow trees could also be a unique decor piece in June for Pride Month.

The rainbow Christmas tree trend is popping up on Instagram, with people sharing photos using #rainbowchristmastree.

Want to switch things up this year and give your holiday display a bright burst of color with a rainbow Christmas tree? Here are three that you can buy right now.

Treetopia Color Burst 7’ Rainbow Christmas Tree

Featuring the boldest waves of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, this artificial tree from Treetopia stands 7 feet tall and 46 inches wide. It comes without lights, but includes the tree stand.

F8 7’ Pre-Lit Rainbow Tree

If you don’t want to mess with stringing lights onto the tree, here’s a similar one (although a little skinnier) that comes pre-lit with 350 clear lights.

Cody Foster & Co. Buri Rainbow Christmas Trees

For an extra small display to give a pop of color to your desk or bookcase, you can splurge on this set of three gradient trees. One is 10 inches tall, another is 14 inches and the last one is 16 inches.

This story was originally published Nov. 29, 2019.