Does your personality match where you live? Take this quiz!

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Personality Quiz

As we noticed in the American Accent Quiz, as much as we're all part of the same country, many of us sound different. We also have different outlooks, attitudes, education, traditions and more. It's what makes our country so interesting!

The latest test making the rounds is a personality/psychology hybrid called the OCEAN test. This quiz tells you lots about your personality, but what makes it even more interesting is at the end you're asked which state you live in. Researchers then took over one million responses and analyzed personalities alongside location and came up with traits for each region of the country.

So, basically, they've determined that the happiest people in the country live in Wisconsin. Utahns are the most agreeable and Washington, D.C. is the least so (gosh, you don't say?). 

Time.com launched a short version of the quiz that, based on your answers, will tell you what part of the country you belong in. We're not totally sold on the results of this one - we love North Carolina and Georgia (our results after two tries) - but we'd love to hear if you match up with where you live, grew up, or want to be! 

Try the short quiz here!

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