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'Queer Eye' star Bobby Berk surprises his parents with a sweet home makeover

"Queer Eye" star Bobby Berk gave his parents' home a modern farmhouse makeover.
Bobby Berk home makeover
Bobby Berk uses his interior design skills to update his parents' house in Missouri.Christopher Smith
/ Source: TODAY

When your son is interior designer Bobby Berk, you know you’ve got a home makeover coming your way.

The “Queer Eye” star went back to his childhood home in Mount Vernon, Missouri, to give his parents, Connie and Jerry Berk, a whole new look for their old farmhouse.

“It started out with my mom wanting a new kitchen, but, you know, you’ve watched the show,” Berk explained in the reveal video. “I can’t do just one room, so I did the whole house.”

Partnering with Target, Berk updated almost every room in the house, from the living room and kitchen to the master bedroom and guest room (which used to be his room).

“We moved into this house 27 years ago, and (my parents) have really never done anything to it,” he said. “It was remodeled by the people who lived in it before, which I think happened in 1977, so it’s been a while.”

The makeover took two months, but it was clearly worth the wait. “Oh my gosh, this is awesome,” his mom gushed while walking through the front door to see the makeover for the first time. His dad even teared up a little.

“I actually don’t know if I’ve ever seen my dad cry, so to see him tear up, it was a deep moment,” Berk said.

Bobby Berk parents' home makeover
Before: The living room felt a little dark and crowded.Courtesy of Bobby Berk

The dark living room got a fresh paint job and new furniture, making it feel brighter and more comfortable. He also replaced the old wood floor with a lighter-toned, wide-plank wood.

Bobby Berk parent's home makeover
After: The space feels so much brighter thanks to a new layout and updated furniture.Marisa Vitale

In the updated kitchen, there are now tons of new black-and-glass cabinets, cast-iron appliances and indestructible countertops made from engineered stone.

Bobby Berk parent's home makeover
Before: The kitchen inspired the home makeover from the beginning.Courtesy of Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk parent's home makeover
After: A black and white color palette looks clean and modern.Marisa Vitale

“For the master, I wanted to create a calming and serene spot for my parents to be able to relax and unwind,” Berk explained on his blog. He added new beadboard on the walls and painted it black to show more of the architectural features.

Bobby Berk parent's home makeover
Before: His parents' bedroom was ready for a refresh.Courtesy of Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk parent's home makeover
After: Berk wanted to make the room feel serene and relaxing for his parents.Marisa Vitale

“I love using black on walls when I do everything else really light,” he told his parents in the video. “If this whole room was white, it’d be kind of boring.”

The entire makeover seemed just as exciting to Berk as it was to his parents.

“Being able to redo my childhood home exactly the way I would have wanted it when I was growing up — and being able to call all the shots in the home where I was never able to call the shots in — felt good,” he said.