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3 easy decorating hacks from 'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott

Jonathan and Drew Scott stopped by TODAY to share their favorite DIY decorating ideas for home.
/ Source: TODAY

Holidays are stressful enough, and prepping your home to make it pretty and welcoming for guests is no exception. Thankfully, there are some easy and affordable style upgrades that require little effort but make a big impact around the house. What's more, these simple decor projects can easily exist beyond the holidays.

The Scott Brothers, known for their HGTV hit "Property Brothers," stopped by TODAY to share their favorite DIY upgrades that can easily be done before guests arrive this holiday season.

Stress-free holiday style tips for your home

1. Wallpaper magic

This is one of those products that instantly dresses up a room. Wallpaper can be used in so many different ways — to bring color and personality to shelves, carts, stools, tables, frames, headboards and artwork — the options are endless! If you have commitment issues, try using removable wallpaper, which you simply peel and stick to your desired surface.

The Scott Brothers demonstrate how to use removable patterned wallpaper on a simple bookshelf.
The Scott Brothers demonstrate how to use removable patterned wallpaper on a simple bookshelf.Nathan R Congleton

How to do it:

First, grab a ruler! Do like the pros do: measure twice and cut once.

Apply it to the backs of bookshelves, the tops of steps or step stools or even on stair risers. Watch everyday items transform instantly!

Want to go all out? Try it out on the ceiling! It's generally the most neglected area of a room and will sing with style with some wallpaper application or accents.

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2. Let there be light — with a faux transom

This sounds more complicated than it really is, but is worth the effort and makes a huge difference in an interior space. Transoms, which are clear windows above doorways, are a decorative element that adds light and instantly brightens any room and makes it feel more spacious. Don't have time or money to create a legit transom? With this hack, all you need is a mirror and you're set.

How to do it:

Invest in a mirror that's the approximate length of your door frame. Attach classic molding to the mirror using a heavy duty adhesive glue. Once it's dry, hang above the doorway for instant style impact.

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3. Tin tiles

You might not automatically think of tin tiles when "sprucing up" your home, but these decorative accessories are affordable and quite easy to install. What's more, they're versatile and add gorgeous dimension and depth to any space. They often are sold looking shiny and new, but the Scott Brothers like to "age" them a bit with some paint to give them a more rustic quality.

How to do it:

To whitewash tin tiles, be sure to use an oil based paint for proper adhesion and use a foam roller or sponge. Once it's dry, use a bit of sandpaper to lightly sand it down in different areas and to give it a worn-in look. While the Scott Brothers love using tin tiles as ceiling decor, they're just as effective when used as wainscoting or even artwork.