Property Brothers spill 4 DIY ways to upgrade your bathroom

/ Source: TODAY

The Property Brothers stuck around on Thursday to share DIY ways to update one of the most common home renovation projects: the bathroom. Drew and Jonathan Scott shared four ways to update a bathroom’s style without its losing character — or big bucks.

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One affordable way to update your existing bathtub is by adding bead-board paneling around it. The Property Brothers outlined the steps to make this happen using waterproof PVC material:

  1. Measure the tub’s height.
  2. Build an outside frame using pocket screws.
  3. Cut the bead board to size.
  4. Attach the bead board using PVC glue and screws.
  5. Use a caulk gun to add silicone in gaps between the panel and the tub.
  6. Allow the materials to dry for 24 hours after installation.

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The bathroom mirror is often the décor residents look at the most in a bathroom, so make yours look good. One easy way to do so is to add molding around the mirror. Simply pick up some molding at a hardware store and, using a caulking gun, generously apply liquid nails to the molding and attach it to the mirror.


Molding also comes in handy when updating cabinets. Purchase molding at a hardware store and use pin nails or glue to attach it to your cabinets. Allow the pieces to dry overnight, then give the cabinets and molding a few coats of fresh paint.

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Smart space

It seems that we’re always looking for more storage in the bathroom, so the Property Brothers spilled a few ways to create storage where you have none. A few options include:

  • Add a tall, narrow storage unit.
  • Use storage containers to place in the storage unit to store — and hide — any miscellaneous items.
  • Store your most-used items on the shelves that are most easily within reach.
  • Decide what really needs to be stored in your bathroom. Items like extra toilet paper rolls and shower cleaner can be stored in a hallway closet instead.

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This article was originally published Mar. 19, 2015 at 11:40 a.m. ET.