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Painting can make a big impact — but it can also make a big mess. Fortunately, the Property Brothers are here to help. Drew and Jonathan Scott have four easy ways to help keep paint where it’s supposed to be.

Aluminum foil is your friend

Painter’s tape is a common way to section off what needs paint and what doesn’t, but applying it can be tricky, especially for doorknobs. But the Property Brothers have a secret weapon: aluminum foil. For doorknobs, simple take a small sheet of foil and wrap it around the doorknob. It will keep paint off the handle as you paint and only takes seconds to apply.

Tray trick

Make that paint tray last with this tip. Instead of pouring the paint directly onto the tray, lay a sheet of aluminum foil on the tray first and then pour the paint.

“When paint starts to dry on your actual tray, it’s hard to get it off,” Jonathan said, but this tip protects the pan. When you’re done with painting, toss the foil and the tray is as good as new.

Freezer fun

Proper care of paintbrushes is vital to make them last, and here’s a quick trick to help. In between uses, wrap paintbrushes in foil and seal the edges, then toss it in the freezer. The cold air will keep the brushes fresh so you can reuse them for many DIYs to come.

Dab and drip

You can dab the paint on the side of the can as you paint, but it can turn into a dripping mess. The Property Brothers suggest putting an elastic band around the can and using the pressure from the elastic over the top to dab your brush as go. Drips will stay away from the edge of the can, making your project much easier and cleaner.