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The 1 home trend the 'Property Brothers' are against — and for good reason

Drew and Jonathan Scott share their feelings on this popular home trend, and let's just say they aren't fans ...
/ Source: TODAY

Looks like Drew and Jonathan Scott aren’t big fans of tiny houses. In fact the "Property Brothers" recently told PopSugar that they want the whole trend to just go away.

“I don't like it because most of the tiny houses we've seen, they're not built to code,” Jonathan said. “They're not actually functional.”

Getty Images for HGTV

One of the things that make tiny houses appealing to homeowners is the idea of living simply. Although, Jonathan added that he doesn’t think these structures are actually designed well enough to achieve that. “I've only ever seen a couple tiny home spaces that are actually a clever use of space,” he said.

As anyone knows, you’re not supposed to knock it until you try it, so the brothers actually stayed in one to get the feel of it. Unfortunately, it was as chaotic an experience as they expected. They were accompanied by Jonathan’s two small dogs and couldn’t quite fall in love with the lifestyle.

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The whole hilarious 24 hours is documented by HGTV. And while they didn’t like the cramped quarters, they did appreciate one good thing about the tiny space: not having to clean as much.

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But that doesn’t seem to be enough to win their hearts. "Our whole philosophy is that your home should make your life easier, and as soon as you start tripping over each other and trying to squeeze too much into a space for it to work, then you're not making your life easier,” Drew said. “You're making your life more hectic."

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