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Property Brothers' 6 things to consider when deciding whether to renovate or sell

If you're debating whether to sell or renovate your home,the Property Brothers are here to help!
/ Source: TODAY

If you're debating whether to sell or renovate your home,the Property Brothers are here to help.

Drew and Jonathan Scott stopped by Studio 1A Monday to make the decision easy for you. See their tips below for making the decision to renovate or sell — and for the home buyers out there, see their tips for decoding those carefully-worded real estate listings.

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Renovate if…

  • You love the place. There are things you can do about the flaws.
  • Moving isn’t cost effective. Several other expenses go in with moving, so make sure you really look at the numbers before considering moving.
  • You love the location. There are lots of things you can change in a house, but you can’t do much about the location, so stay put if you love yours.

Sell if…

  • Your family size has changed. If your family has grown, you may need to get a bigger home.
  • The neighborhood no longer suits your lifestyle. If you moved into your home as a single person and now have a family, you may notice that the area is no longer best for you and your clan.
  • Remodeling isn’t cost effective. If there are things you need or want and you cannot get it in your house, that’s a good reason to move.

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Decoding a listing

There is a language that real estate agents use when they are trying to fool people. Make sure to note these red flags and what they really mean as you search through real estate listings!

  • Artistic = weird colors and odd decoration
  • Lots of potential = needs a complete overhaul
  • Natural landscaping = no landscaping
  • Convenient to shopping = on a busy street