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Pinterest reveals 3 home trends to expect in 2015

Courtesy of Emily Henderson; Camille Styles
Courtesy of Emily Henderson; Camille Styles

The year isn’t over yet, but Pinterest is already living in 2015.

The popular visual bookmarking site released its Pinterest 100 list on Wednesday, predicting 2015 lifestyle trends based on popular pins. While the list covers food, travel and more, here are three home trends Pinterest anticipates will take off in the coming year.

Rustic will mix with modern.

Get ready to see weathered wood paired with modern elements in 2015 home décor. Pinterest’s 100 list includes a variety of eclectic home items that prove mixed styles will rule the roost.

Make your own toiletries.

If you think making your own soap went the way of the buggy whip, get ready to take a trip back in time. The Pinterest list features a variety of DIY tutorials for basic items, including soap, natural cleaners and dryer balls.

Container gardening is in. 

Whether you live in a home with an expansive yard or a tiny city apartment, there is no excuse not to have a garden in 2015. Pinterest flagged a variety of wall gardening pins as 2015 trending ideas — so get ready to dig deep and find that inner green thumb.

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