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Pine cone flowers: Autumn decor that the kids will fall for

Do you feel overwhelmed decorating for fall? We have a solution; Have the kids help out with this DIY pine cone flower project!
/ Source: TODAY

Do you feel overwhelmed decorating for fall? We have a solution — have the kids help out!

This DIY pine cone flower project is so simple to make and looks fantastic arranged in a bowl. The kids will have a blast customizing their own flowers. There are so many different ways to get creative with color!


You can get all of the supplies that you need at your local craft store. You can also venture outside to pick out your own pine cones!

  • Pine cones:You can use real or fake pine cones. Have seven or eight ready to paint, depending on the size of your bowl.
  • Bowl: A medium-sized bowl with lower edges works well, like the one we used in the video.
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Acrylic paint in a few other colors, of your choice
  • Paintbrushes

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Step 1: Hold your pine cone upside down so that the point is facing the floor. Paint the bottom and the sides of the pine cone. Paint 2-3 coats. Repeat for as many pine cones you need to fill your bowl.

Tip: Get creative with painting! Layering and mixing colors turns out beautiful.

Step 2: Hold the pine cone upside down. On the center of the bottom of the pine cone, paint a yellow circle, to make the center of the flower. Let dry!

Step 3: Arrange your pine cone flower bouquet in a bowl, however you like!

Step 4: Enjoy your beautiful new fall centerpiece!