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This picnic basket shaped building is on the market for $5 million

A picnic basket shaped office building is on the market for $5 million in Ohio.
/ Source: TODAY

Life's just one big picnic!

No, but really it is if you work in this building. We had our doubts until we saw this.

A seven-story picnic basket is on the market just outside of Columbus, Ohio and it could be yours for a whopping $5 million.

In this Sept. 6, 2005 file photo, the Longaberger building is seen in Newark, Ohio.KIICHIRO SATO / ASSOCIATED PRESS

The basket-shaped office building was originally listed 18 months ago for $7.5 million, according to Bloomberg.

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"It's a very challenging building. We have had a couple [offers] but nothing that materialized," said the basket's listing agent Michael Guagenti Of Cushman & Wakefield to Bloomberg.

But why make a building in the shape of a picnic basket?

It might come as no surprise then that the building was initially built as the headquarters of The Longaberger Company, a maple wood basket manufacturer, back in 1997. However, the company recently relocated its headquarters to its manufacturing plant, which explains why this rather odd basket building is now for sale.


But the building isn't just any of Longarberger's baskets, it's said to be a replica of the company's Medium Market Basket enlarged 160 times. The seven story basket is finished off with heated handles to prevent ice formation and the traditional Longaberger gold plate tags that mark every basket.

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And while the building might just be one of the most unique buildings around, it's said to look like just any other office inside.

Now this might just be the weirdest building we've ever seen!