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People are freaking out about this no-kill spider catcher

A no-kill spider catcher is taking the web (pun intended) by storm.
/ Source: TODAY

A no-kill spider catcher is taking the web (pun intended) by storm.

My Critter Catcher has been around since 2012, but the device has recently gone viral thanks to a YouTube video posted by Insider. With over 588,000 views and counting, the video shows how to get rid of those creepy crawlies the humane way.

For those who squirm at the site of an insect or arachnid taking up residency in your home, the gadget offers an easy way to evict it without doing it harm.

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The device measures about 25.5 inches, which is the the average length of an arm. So, if you’re holding it, you can estimate that you’ll be about two arm’s lengths, or four feet away from the critter (far enough to help ease the anxiety a little bit).

To catch it, simply squeeze the handle, and the gentle bristles will open. Position them around the bug and release the handle so that the bristles will close onto it. Your unwanted house guest will be stuck in there until you squeeze the handle again to release him outside in his natural habitat.


This way allows you to avoid a mess on the walls, get to hard-to-reach places and have peace-of-mind knowing that you haven’t hurt an innocent creature.

The website says it works for pretty much any small pest you can imagine: roaches, bees, worms, moths, grasshoppers, etc. And it obviously has a purpose in America’s households as one study found that there are over 500 different arthropod species inside your house.

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Judging from the comments on the video and shares on social media, people all over the Internet seem to be pretty infatuated with this method catching bugs. Comments include:

  • "Good luck when you're catching a tarantula."
  • "Nothing can replace the good ol' smacking shoe."
  • "Do you sell also a man catcher? Like spider, but slightly larger size. To catch and throw out. I wanna buy."

But there’s probably one person who’s more excited about the device than anyone else. According to the video, the inventor’s son was afraid of spiders and that’s how Tony Allen came up with the idea for it. How’s that for Dad of the Year?

My Critter Catcher is available for $16.95 at