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This DIY fanatic used spare change to create amazing floor in her spare time

At first glance, this looks like a beautiful copper-tiled floor, but it's actually made from $130 worth of pennies!
/ Source: TODAY

Talk about a rich-looking floor design! Tonya Stecyk decided she wanted to DIY a small area in her home, so she came up with the idea of using pennies as tiles. Using about $130 in the one-cent coins, she was able to create a stunningly unique floor in the dormer window area of her bedroom — and the final product is absolutely gorgeous.

Stecyk shared her design process on Reddit and Imgur, leaving many of the near-million viewers of the images intrigued and inspired to do their own projects like this.

$130 worth of pennies make up this gorgeous DIY floor
$130 worth of pennies make up this gorgeous DIY floorTonya Stecyk

The process began by measuring the area and finding the center, then drawing an axis to follow along. Using three $50 bags of pennies from the bank and 10 bottles of Elmer’s Glue, she started by glueing one diamond shape in the center. “[I] didn’t really have a design in mind,” she wrote. “Just started with the diamonds, liked how it looked and kept going.”

If it sounds a little tedious, it is, but Stecyk says she utilized her Netflix subscription while working on it, and made herself comfortable with a sitting stool and later a pillow for her knees.

Penny floor
Tonya Stecyk

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When she reached the edge, she decided to make a border. “[I] found a pattern I liked along the edge and then started working towards a corner,” she wrote. “Luckily, there was a gap between the molding and floor so I could run the pennies under the molding to complete the edges.

Penny floor
Tonya Stecyk

After all the pennies were glued down, Stecyk used some grout she found in her basement and some epoxy to seal the coins in place.

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Overall, her project cost around $350 including supplies and pennies… but the final effect? Priceless.