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What’s the right way to fold a towel? TikTok video stirs debate

One TikTok user turned to the internet to settle a debate with his wife about the best towel folding technique.
/ Source: TODAY

Social media users have debated washing their legs in the shower, the best way to cut a sandwich and more everyday activities. Now, the internet is discussing another routine chore: folding a towel. 

The debate popped up a few months ago when one TikTok user named Shane Fleming posted a video asking for the internet’s help in settling a minor dispute between him and his wife. 

“Me and my wife argue about this all the time,” he said in the clip. “How do you fold your towels? Which way is the right way?”

He asked his followers to choose one of three options and comment with their favorite folding technique below the video. 

The three choices were 1) folded into halves, 2) trifold and 3) rolled.

Hundreds of TikTok users shared their preferences over the past few months. 

One person said they are a fan of option two because it is more practical. “It’s better to stack them!!!” the social media user said. 

Another wrote, “We do it number 1! My dad taught me that.”

The third option appeared to be less popular, but a few people pointed out that the rolled style takes up less space. 

One TikTok user refused to choose just one technique, and instead suggested that all three options were appropriate for different occasions. 

The person said, “1 for kitchen 2 for bathroom 3 for guest/fancy or swim towel.” 

With over 300 votes in the comments, option two appeared to be the winner. But the other two choices received plenty of support. 

So what do you think? Vote in’s poll and select your favorite towel folding technique. 

Towel folding joins a long list of other viral topics that have divided social media users. In April, Hoda & Jenna decided to settle the debate on spoons, dinner etiquette and trending “water recipes” on TikTok during a new segment. 

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager revealed they both prefer a shinier, more rounded spoon. 

Next up, the co-hosts shared their feelings on splitting the check after a group dinner. Hoda and Jenna weighed in and said each person should pay for what they order. But they added that separate checks are always preferable. 

For the final part of the segment, the co-hosts poured different flavor packets into their water to determine if flavored water is better than a regular glass of ice water. 

Jenna said she was not a fan because the special flavoring gives her “the toots.” 

“No, thank you,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Hoda mixed green apple and raspberry powders into her water before giving a more lukewarm response. 

“It’s kinda good,” she said. Hoda concluded that if the trend gets people to drink more water, then she fully supports it.