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Hoda surprised Jenna with an office redecoration — see the vibrant final results

Hoda and West Elm designer Delia Kenza added leopard print pillows and rainbow bookshelves to Jenna's office.

After Jenna Bush Hager surprised Hoda Kotb with a dramatic office makeover courtesy of the 'Home Edit' team, Hoda was inspired to return the favor.

The "TODAY with Hoda & Jenna" co-host enlisted the help of West Elm designer Delia Kenza to redecorate Jenna's space, and gave an honest assessment of why she thought her friend needed some professional assistance.

"Her office is barren. It looks like she just moved in, and she’s been in here for months. So she needs a lot of work," she explained on Tuesday's episode of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

Jenna's office before the redecoration, which Hoda said "(needed) a lot of work."
Jenna's office before the redecoration, which Hoda said "(needed) a lot of work."TODAY

While walking through the office with Kenza, Hoda suggested a cheery wallpaper might be a welcome addition. She even broke out some swatches she'd pre-selected for her friend.

Next, the TODAY anchor pointed out that Jenna didn't have a proper place to store her clothes, not to mention her other belongings. "She’s got stuff hung on the walls," she said. "Everything on the floor. She needs a place for those clothes."

"She needs a place for those clothes," Hoda said.
"She needs a place for those clothes," Hoda said.TODAY

Hoda and Kenza zeroed in on another essential part of the office: The bookshelves. Jenna is a voracious reader, so having a spot to display all the books she selects for her Read with Jenna book club seemed like a practical and thoughtful gesture, in Hoda's mind.

"I think we know that signature Jenna is books. She’s got books here, she’s got books here. I feel like she needs a place (to display them)," Hoda told Kenza.

Finally, Hoda also wanted to incorporate personal touches, like family photos and artwork from Jenna's three children, to create a feeling of coziness. She was also determined to add some pictures of herself to the mix, since she noticed that Jenna didn't have any hanging up yet.

"I’m looking for a little representation, okay?" Hoda joked. "All I see is Oprah, Michelle Obama. I think there's room for her co-anchor."

With all that on the to-do list, Hoda told Kenza, “I think you might have work cut out for you."

The TODAY anchor was nervous that Jenna might try to sneak a peek during the decorating process, however, so she added a "Keep Out" sign while the makeover was taking place.

"She snoops. Her favorite thing is, 'I’ve never been surprised. Never been surprised.' Jenna, keep out," Hoda joked.

Jenna's office, before and after.
Jenna's office, before and after.TODAY

Turns out Jenna was surprised. Taking in all her office's new elements, from wallpaper to leopard-print pillows, Jenna was in awe. "I kinda can’t believe it," she declared. "It’s so zen."

Echoing Jenna's comments, Kenza explained her intention with the redecoration was to keep Jenna's office "nice and quiet and serene."

Naturally, Jenna's eyes went right to her the revamped bookshelves. "The books look awesome," she said, later calling them "gorgeous." Kenza pointed out an easter egg on the bookshelves: An apple to commemorate Jenna’s time as a teacher. "Every teacher deserves an apple," Kenza said.

Hoda also presented Jenna with a collage of the covers for all the books she's chosen for Read With Jenna, launched in 2019, so far.


Moving on to the closet, Jenna was elated to see that her clothes fit and she had extra space left. "That’s room to grow," she said.

Jenna finally has "a place for her clothes." Mission accomplished!
Jenna finally has "a place for her clothes." Mission accomplished!TODAY

The leopard print chairs stood out for Jenna. She called them a "huge upgrade" and added, "to me, leopard is a neutral ... you know I feel about cats."

Jenna said that leopard print is a neutral, in her book.
Jenna said that leopard print is a neutral, in her book.TODAY

While the office now has practical design elements – like places to store her gum collection and mugs — the sentimental side was spotlighted, too. Kenza hung up family portraits, as well as a self-portrait her daughter, Mila, drew.

This gave Jenna an idea. "I can add a piece of art from all the kids," she said.

The snack zone.
The snack zone.TODAY

Hoda said she hopes the pictures will give Jenna a feeling of home, even when she's busy at work. "When you’re sitting at your desk and you’re feeling overwhelmed because of work stuff, just glance up and you see a little bit of your daughter, and remember what matters," she said.

Last — but certainly not least — Hoda showed off the photo of herself that she made sure to put in a "prominent spot, front and center." 

"Oh, I love that!" Jenna said.

Thanking Kenza and Hoda, Jenna says her time at work has been transformed since the redecoration. "I get to spend a lot of time in my office today, and I'm so looking forward to it," she said.