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The ‘Home Edit’ team gave Hoda Kotb’s office a makeover — see the stunning results

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin took on Hoda's office and its "thousand candles."

The season for spring cleaning and finding order through organization is here.

That’s why Jenna Bush Hager decided to surprise pal and co-host Hoda Kotb with the perfect solution for her cluttered office: A visit from the stars of the Netflix hit “Get Organized with the Home Edit."

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who founded the home organizing company the Home Edit in 2015, are known for their penchant for rainbows, their large social media following, and their celebrity clientele — Khloé Kardashian and Drew Barrymore are among the guests on the show.

The professional organizers first helped Hoda with her closet woes back in 2019. Jenna called Shearer and Teplin in for this new task, once she realized just how much effort the office clean-up would require.

"To say your office was in need of some help was really an understatement," Jenna said on Monday's episode of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

Hoda's office before the Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin arrived for the big makeover.
Hoda's office before the Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin arrived for the big makeover.TODAY

Jenna first took audiences on a tour of Hoda's office, pre-makeover. “I’m sitting where all the magic happens,” Jenna said. “I see a lot of scrunchies. For some reason there’s a toilet paper roll. It’s a little confusing. There’s stuff everywhere.”

Indeed, Hoda’s office in the "before" stages of the process had it all — especially candles. “She has one, two, three, four, five, six ... seven candles right here,” Jenna said. By the time Shearer and Teplin arrived, the count was up to 16.

"Hoda is a bit of a collector," Shearer said. Later on, Hoda said of her collecting habits, "I'm not a hoarder. I'm just lazy."

A collector's space, before the collection was decluttered.
A collector's space, before the collection was decluttered.TODAY

The goal was to streamline Hoda's collection and turn the space into one fit for a busy anchor. "I know that Hoda wants less. She needs an organized place," Jenna said.

Shearer said that her task with Teplin was to "pare down" Hoda's office and make it more consistent. "Because she’s such a creative, she needs more blank surfaces," she said.

And this streamlined space wouldn't have room for life-sized cardboard cutouts of Hoda's favorite men, country crooner Blake Shelton and former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

With those cardboard fellas relocated to stand guard outside of Hoda's office, the team started clearing out Hoda's possessions. They sorted “all that wine,” Jenna said, referring to Hoda’s many wine bottles, and "all those candles."

After, they implemented Shearer and Teplin's design plan. They incorporated a new rug and new pillows, and revamped Hoda's Zoom backdrop — aka her bookshelves.

For that step, the "Home Edit" organizers reached for their go-to design look: Color-coded rainbow bookshelves.

Nothing less that the full spectrum of the rainbow for Hoda.
Nothing less that the full spectrum of the rainbow for Hoda.TODAY

“You want to make sure wherever Hoda is going to be, you can see a full representation of all the colors, so it's not just pink and red behind her head,” Shearer said. “You want to showcase the spectrum."

Bright and colorful, the perfect backdrop for Zoom calls.
Bright and colorful, the perfect backdrop for Zoom calls.TODAY

When it was all finished, Jenna brought the guest of honor in to see her new space — and the reveal almost left Hoda speechless. 

“Oh, my God,” Hoda said after seeing her organized office. “Oh, my God! ... Holy... I kind of feel like I’m getting misty.”

Jenna led Hoda into to her revamped space.
Jenna led Hoda into to her revamped space.TODAY

With an eye for detail, Hoda shouted out the color-coordinated bookshelves and the new dress on her Barbie doll.

She even rediscovered her possessions through the process. Opening up a closet, Hoda asked, "Whose clothes are these?" Jenna responded, "They're yours. You can just find them now."

If there were any tears, they were certainly happy ones, because the surprise office makeover was everything Hoda could have hoped for. 

“I’m shocked,” she said when she saw Shearer and Teplin approach. “I feel clear in here now.”

A refreshing take on Hoda's refreshments zone.
A refreshing take on Hoda's refreshments zone.TODAY

Looking around, she had a burning question for the doyennes of organization.

“What was the grossest thing you found?” Hoda asked as everyone laughed. “I’m kind of embarrassed you all were in here.”

"There was toilet paper and peanut butter," Teplin said.

Now, Hoda's items are sorted into designated spaces — including but two, dedicated candle stations. One has candles to burn, and another has candles to give as gifts.

"I can't tell you how incredibly surprised I am by what y'all did. I love it, y’all," Hoda said as she took it all in. "I love it, I love it, I love it. Beautiful."

"I'm never going to leave my office," she said.

In April, Shearer publicly announced her breast cancer diagnosis. She was undergoing treatment during the organization process. "What a bright light — that she came here to help you in the midst of what she has going on," Jenna said.

The anchors reported that Shearer is currently recovering from surgery, and is improving. "We love you both," Hoda said.

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