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5 things a housecleaner says she'd never do while cleaning her own home

Her 5 million TikTok followers love her helpful cleaning hacks.

Having trouble keeping a clean house? Turns out, it's not all about how often you clean, but how you clean.

Professional house cleaner Vanesa Amaro's cleaning hacks are known to go viral on TikTok, where she has more than 5 million followers. The self-proclaimed "Queen of Cleaning" started her own cleaning business, Amaro's Cleaning, in 2021.

On March 23, Amaro told TODAY that there are five things she never does when cleaning her home.

1. NEVER forget to dust ceiling fans first

Amaro recommends always working from top to bottom when cleaning. She says if you are cleaning the bedroom and you have to wash the sheets, dust your ceiling fan first so the dust falls onto the dirty sheets. Then just fold it all up and throw it into the washer.

2. NEVER use gloss or a polish for wood floors

Amaro says stay away from gloss or polishes on wood floors. She says those types of finishes create a crusty layer that will eventually peel and ruin your floors over time.

3. NEVER clean mirrors with the lights on

When cleaning bathroom mirrors, Amaro says always turn the lights off. Otherwise, the warmth that the light bulbs emit will start to evaporate the liquid in the cleaning products applied to mirrors, creating streaks and marks.

4. NEVER spray cleaner directly onto surfaces

Amaro recommends spraying cleaners on your microfiber towels instead of on the surface you plan to clean. She says it may seem faster and easier to spray cleaners directly onto surfaces, but it will actually make more of a mess.

5. NEVER rinse with hot water

When rinsing tubs, showers, dishes or sinks, Amaro says it’s better to use cold water. She says hot water creates kinetic energy which causes bubbles to move and produces more suds. Amaro says cold water is the best option to make the bubbles disappear faster and to get a cleaner rinse.