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By Jordan Muto

The first week of November isn't even over, yet holiday shopping has definitely begun. Fortunately, Oprah's here to make it all better.Check out the newest version of this story: Oprah's Favorite Things List 2018

Ruven Afanador / O Magazine

The trusted expert on life just revealed her Favorite Things list for 2015, this time partnering with Amazon to reveal the items, and the list is longer than ever before with a whopping 87 items.

RELATED: Oprah’s Favorite Things: 5 picks under $100 (and 3 that cost a bit more) filtered through the list and picked five affordable gift options — as well as five pricier gifts for those on your shopping list who are extra deserving.

5 Favorite Things picks available for less than $100:

1. Not only is Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc Salt Cellar useful, but for $49, it also includes salts that are sourced from England and France. Included are sea salt flakes for fish, Sel Gris for meat and Fleur de Sel to use on vegetables.

2. Speaking of cooking, we can see lots of reasons to use this Typhoon Vision Stainless Steel Digital Food Kitchen Scale, which you can snag for $64.99. It will measure both food and liquid ingredients in seconds, and the compact design makes it perfect for even those on your list with small kitchens.

3. Give that table setting at chic update with the KNORK Titanium 5 Piece Flatware Set in matte black. It's a fresh modern twist on classic silverware and for $64.30, it's a small (well, moderate) price to pay for something that will be used daily.


4. Never buy herbs again with this Kitchen Herb Kit, which includes three self-watering indoor planters with basil, parsley and mint. For $54, it's a gift that keeps up on giving!

5. Yucky feet be gone! The Footnanny foot treatment set, priced at $81.60, includes eucalyptus foot cream, foot salts and cotton socks so you can have sandal worthy feet at all times.

5 Favorite Things that are a splurge:

1. Going away for a weekend is made easy with this Deux Lux Women's NYC Weekender. It can also easily double as a gym bag should you want to get more bang for your buck for this $155 tote.


2. Yes, the Apple Watch is definitely pricey at $435, but this rose gold version is something special as it makes the rather tech product slightly more elegant.

3. There will be no more excuses for not having a picture of your BFF in your home with Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1. For $137.59, your home will be filled with instant memories.


4. High Camp Supply's Holiday Jewel Vine and Bloom, priced at $189,might be the most unique gift on Oprah's list. These gorgeous flowers that come in deep shades of purple and red arrive in a box. All you have to do is put them in a vase of your choice.

5. Access music, audiobooks, news, eather, traffic, sports and more in an instant with the Amazon Echo for a hefty $179.99.

Here's to hoping we, along with the help of Oprah, just solved your Holiday shopping woes!