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Even Oprah struggles to put her duvet cover on

Who else can relate?
/ Source: TODAY

Over the years, Oprah Winfrey has taught us all so much that she can often seem like the font of knowledge and wisdom.

But even she has trouble getting her duvet and duvet cover to behave, as we learned in a new Instagram video she posted Thursday.

As she stands on one side of what appears to be a four-poster canopy bed, Winfrey lets us watch her struggle in patient silence as she tries flipping the fluffy duvet into a fresh cover. And struggle some more. And struggle still further. It's kind of a mess, and we love that she's showing this to us.

"Anyone else find it challenging getting a duvet inside a cover?" she wrote in the caption. "There must be a method I’m missing."

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As it turns out, there is! Oprah, please allow TODAY to take it from here. In 2017, we created a whole how-to video that explains the best way to put your duvet into the cover, and it involves some rolling, some folding and imagining a burrito!

And in case you (or Winfrey) need any further advice on bedding best practices, here are a few other helpful articles:

Most of us have a little more spare time on our hands these days, so why not apply some of it to the care and upkeep of our bed hygiene? And Oprah, if you're out there and reading this, we're delighted to finally be able to pass on some know-how in your direction!