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Got a puppy? Oprah Winfrey reveals her secret for getting rid of poop stains

Oprah Winfrey has cared for 21 dogs throughout her life and shares her tried-and-true tactic for tackling accidents on the carpet.
/ Source: TODAY

As if Oprah Winfrey wasn’t already talented enough, the former talk-show titan just shared a new, not-so-glamorous skill for Vanity Fair’s Secret Talent Theatre.

Oprah, who’s loved 21 dogs throughout her life, knows how to remove a stain or two.

Despite her celebrity status, Winfrey takes care of her pups — and their occasional misplaced poop — all by herself. And, in her wisdom, Oprah has learned quite a few things about the science of stains.

“No matter how well trained they are, accidents happen, and the truth of the matter is, no one wants to clean up your dog’s poop,” Oprah told the camera before launching into a very informative demonstration.

The remarkably relatable star substituted gravy for puppy poop in her tutorial but the rest of the demonstration displayed real stain-removing knowledge.

Oprah walked through a step-by-step, no-fail process similar to TODAY Home's stain-removing guide.

Winfrey currently cares for five beloved dogs. LUCY NICHOLSON / Reuters

When an accident happens on your living room carpet, start by removing the waste and moistening the soiled area with some cool water. Oprah recommends club soda because, in her words, “it loosens the stain, bubbles it up and makes it easier for you to blot.”

“This excites me. Look at that fizz, bubbling, sizzling ... Fantastic!” the enthusiastic instructor exclaimed.

After thoroughly enjoying the fizz, pop and blot process, Oprah revealed the next step: using liquid dishwashing detergent.

Truthfully, an on-hand stain remover works, such as a commercially prepared enzyme or oxygen-based product.

In less than three minutes, the lovable instructor removed the gravy-poop stain.

“Who even knew that we spilled poo over here?" Oprah said as she held up her award-worthy work. "It’s actually whiter than the original!”

With a healthy dose of humor and three simple steps, Oprah has convinced us that stains don’t have to be so scary.