Now you and your cat can drink wine together! (Sort of)

Jay P. Morgan/Photolibrary/Getty Images / Today
Now You And Your Cat Can Drink Wine Together

Japanese company B&H Lifes has introduced a specialty wine made for your furry feline called Nyan Nyan Nouveau. (“Nyan” is Japanese for “meow.” Nyan Cat suddenly makes a lot of sense, no?) Although it has been introduced as a wine for cats, the beverage does not actually contain any alcohol. Instead it is made with Cabernet grapes and includes catnip. Meow indeed!

One bottle goes for about $4 U.S., but unfortunately is currently only for sale in Japan. Sounds like the perfect companion to Two Buck Chuck to us!

And while the verdict is still out if cats need to be three years old to consume (you know, 21 in people years! Cue: crickets.), the company is only producing one thousand bottles. Lick up, kitties!

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