Neiman Marcus is selling a $7,100 hot dog couch because why not

"I don't ever want to be cool or rich enough that I can waste $7,000 on a hot dog couch," one Twitter user wrote.
The hot dog couch retails for $7,100 at Neiman Marcus.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Alexander Kacala

Summer may almost be over, but with this piece of furniture you can keep the BBQ going well past the autumnal equinox.

Neiman Marcus is selling a couch shaped like a hot dog bun complete with a wiener, mustard and sliced pickle and tomato pillows. (For those of you wondering who puts tomatoes and pickles on a hot dog, the answer is people from Chicago.)

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Made in Italy by designer Seletti, the couch will cost you a mere $7,100, plus tax. Now that is one pricey frankfurter. Just the shipping is $295! That amount alone could actually get you an entire sofa from Wayfair.

Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about this.

"I'm not sure what is worse. The hot dog couch or that someone out there put pickle and tomato cushions on it," wrote one person.

Another added, "I don't ever want to be cool or rich enough that I can waste $7,000 on a hot dog couch!"

If pork products aren't quite you're taste, fear not: there's a burger chair that retails for a comparably modest $4,950 and comes with tomato and pickle pillows.


If you're still feeling a hankering to add something flame broiled to your home decor, here's a cute hot dog pillow for $38.99 on Amazon, or a hamburger bean bag chair from Wayfair on sale for $87.99.