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Nail polish? Bobblehead dolls? Here's what not to keep on your desk at work

If you think your work desk is an extension of your home, think again: Here are several items you should never leave out at the office.
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We spend at least eight hours a day sitting in front of our office desks — so no surprise we often think of them as extensions of our house. But if that's how you're thinking, it's time to think again!

The folks at Domino have compiled a list of 15 items a person should never leave out on their office desks (and of course we're talking about people who don't work from home; you lucky few can do what you like). Here's just a sampling of what they say are no-no desk accessories:

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1. Toys

Bobblehead doll
Chris Sale #49 of the Chicago White Sox bobblehead day against the Minnesota Twins at US Cellular Field on May 07, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.Mike McGinnis / Getty Images

Here's one we're sure will cause some controversy. Got a bobblehead doll of your favorite sports team? What about a stuffed animal or two? Nope: Domino suggests sticking with a game-day photo if you must, but memorabilia deserves a place back at home on a shelf.

2. Grooming items

How to clean makeup brushes
Sania's Brow Bar

From nail polish to makeup brushes to tweezers, these items should never be out on your desk at work. Personal grooming may need to be done once in a while, but not in plain view at the office. Lip balm? OK, sure. Nail clippers? Leave those in your drawer.

3. Sassy mugs

Shut Your Face mug
Shut Your Face mugInBetweenNapCrafts / etsy

You may think a mug that says "I'm Silently Judging You" is hilarious (and maybe it is) but it gives off the wrong impression in the office, particularly if the boss sees you sipping from it.

4. Candy

candy jar
A variety of tasty candies in cliche candy jar.Featurepics

Unless you are made of steel and can control your wandering hands, candy is a bad idea all around to have on the desk, for what we hope are obvious reasons.

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5. Leftovers

eating at your desk
lunch at deskGetty Images

Here's one we can get behind: Don't leave leftover food at your desk for a long period of time. Keep that smell to your office fridge.

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