This mattress can detect if your partner is cheating on you

/ Source: TODAY

If you have a sinking suspicion that your significant other is cheating on you, maybe your mattress needs a "lover detection system."

A Spanish company has created the Smartress, a mattress containing 24 sensors that detect "suspicious movement." That means if the bed's a rockin', the cell phone is pingin', because the sensors trigger an alert to your smartphone that the bed is "in use."

If acrobatic sex is going on in your bed when you're not home, meaning there is suspicious activity measured by a speedometer, intensity, impact per minute and pressure points, you'll know about it immediately.

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All it will cost you is a mere $1,750 if you don't feel like going the traditional route and hacking into your partner's cell phone.

An alert is sent to the device you link up with the Smartress to tell you when the mattress is "in use."Durmet/YouTube

Durmet created the mattress, which is still in production, in response to what it calls a "global infidelity crisis" whose ground zero is in Spain.

"The Spaniards are the most unfaithful in Europe," a Durmet spokesperson told Glamour, and "the preferred place to make love for the Spanish is their own house."

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