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Master bedroom makeover: See the before-and-after transition

A boring master bedroom gets a pop of color with a cool 3D wall. See the before and after!
/ Source: TODAY

Now here’s a before-and-after makeover that’s truly popping!

Tina Gomez, interior designer at Stellar Design Interiors in Stallings, North Carolina, decided to give her plain master bedroom some major pizzazz with a cool 3D accent wall.

Before: The room was pretty but plain.Tina Gomez

“The 3D wall was really a trial and error kind of thing,” she told TODAY Home. “I had been wanting to experiment with 3D panels for some time now and had this crazy idea of adding even more dimensions to them by painting them with two colors.”

After: The walls literally pop with color and texture!Tina Gomez

Gomez used PVC plastic 3D wall panels from Wayfair to get the look, and painted some of the triangles green to give it a fun kaleidoscope effect.

While she went into the project thinking it’d be a DIY, she quickly realized the panels were really hard to cut with the tools she had at home. “I tried a utility knife, a saw and electric saw,” she said. But none of them worked, so, she enlisted the help of a local business that deals specifically with these products.

Gomez painted around 250 triangles in total. (The tape was removed once the paint dried.)Tina Gomez

“I found that there wasn't much information online on how to work with this material,” she said, adding that she learned a lot from the installers. “You need a pair of heavy-duty scissors to cut them, and you have to spray paint them to get a smooth finish.”

Once the company installed the product and spray painted it, Gomez got to work on adding her own flair, taping around the triangle shapes and individually painting some of them green, which she said was the most challenging and time-consuming part. “But the result was definitely worth it.”

She said the wall gives the room a mesmerizing effect. “Once I step in my bedroom, it can take my mind off things. It really makes up for all the time and money I put into it.”

Gomez says this is one of her favorite spots in the new room.Tina Gomez

For the room’s other walls, she carried the green hue in a half-wall effect. She also added a mid-century modern writing desk and hanging mirror on the opposite side of the 3D wall. “This space is really cozy, and you can always see the panels from the reflection of the mirror,” she said.

One thing that Gomez loves most about the finished space is that it has improved her mood. And her husband loves it, too. “I was so happy the other day when (he) confessed that he feels like he sleeps every night in some fancy hotel room,” she said. “The whole room is functional and simple in the sense everything has a purpose and there is no clutter or unnecessary decor.”

Another accent wall features a framed a map of Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, and several pictures of her children.Tina Gomez

Even though it’s filled with texture and color, the room manages to feels even more open and light, too. “This balance is what I like to accomplish as a designer.”

She added that the entire room makeover cost her around $3,600 and took around 50 hours of work, plus 15 of planning.

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