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Marie Kondo shares video of daughters folding clothes

This video definitely sparks joy!
Marie Kondo's kids are also amazing at folding
Marie Kondo has taught her kids well.WireImage
/ Source: TODAY

Are these the tidiest toddlers of all time?

Organizing guru Marie Kondo recently shared an adorable video of her two young daughters folding clothes — and they are already experts!

In the Instagram video, her older daughter, Satsuki, 3, carefully folds a pair of pink pants as her younger daughter, Miko, 2, looks on intently.

When Satsuki finishes folding, she looks ecstatic, jumping around and flashing a cute smile.

“Folding is fun!” their proud mom wrote in the caption.

Satsuki folded the pants using her mom’s signature rolling technique. According to Kondo, star of the hit Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo," rolling clothes allows you to store them upright in a drawer, saving space and making them easier to see.

This isn’t the first time Kondo’s girls have pitched in with chores. Back in 2017, Kondo shared a photo of Satsuki cleaning shoes.

In another post from 2018, she shared a photo of her daughters expertly folding some napkins or washcloths.

Kondo has some tips for keeping things tidy in general when you have young children.

“When it comes to children, it can quickly feel like their belongings are overtaking the house,” she once wrote on Instagram. “... (H)aving designated spaces for children's belongings makes parents more aware of how much they need to buy of a certain item. After all, your home is a finite space! Additionally, this helps children follow through with putting objects back where they found them.”

Of course, Satsuki and Miko don’t spend all their time tidying, and Kondo shares plenty of sweet photos of her daughters playing and posing adorably for the camera.

She also shared this beautiful photo and message last month.

“My children show me how joy manifests itself in the body,” she wrote.

Kondo has inspired millions of people around the world, but it looks like her daughters are her biggest fans!