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Looking to sell your home in 2016? Here are 3 things you need to do

If you're gearing up to put your home on the market, listen up!
/ Source: TODAY

If you’re gearing up to put your home on the market, listen up! Fredrik Eklund, real estate agent and star of “Million Dollar Listing,” stopped by TODAY with his top three tips for those looking to sell this year.

Read on and good luck!

Pre-sell purge

You haven’t moved out yet, but it’s time to pack up those family photos and kid trophies. Buyers want to imagine their own life as they walk through a home — not yours.

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Also, take the time to declutter. Extra stuff only makes your home look messy. Eklund recommends never having more than three or four items on any surface. Taking the time to pack up or get rid of clutter also helps you get ahead of the packing process, so it’s a win all around!

Neutrals are the new black

You love your royal blue accent wall, but it might be distracting to potential buyers. Go ahead and give your home a color makeover, incorporating neutral colors instead of bold ones. This might mean re-painting a wall in a beige color, or it could involve simply removing colorful artwork. Either way, the time and effort will pay off in the end!

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Add lighting

Light makes people happy, and you want people to feel happy as they walk through your home!

Look for spots where you can add an inexpensive IKEA lamp, or consider adding a statement light fixture over a table for a more custom look. Lamps that shoot light up, and where you don’t see the bulb, are ideal. Just try to avoid anything too bulky or cluttering.