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A look at 'green' household cleaners

Weekend TODAY tests some kinder gentler household products.

When it comes to cleaning your home, what does clean really mean? 

As household cleaning products go, most people associate clean with the scent of ammonia, pine, or chlorine bleach.  And most people buy traditional cleaning products because our mothers and grandmothers bought them when we were growing up.

As millions of us use this spring season as motivation to mop, dust, and scrub around the house, we've pulled together some of the latest "alternative" cleaning products that claim to be safer, practical and easy. They make cleaning "green," in other words, kinder and gentler on people and the planet.

Lawrence "Axil" Comras, founder and creator of the website,, was asked to appear on Weekend TODAY. All of the "alternative" products mentioned on the show and below have been researched and "tested" by for their effectiveness. 

Cleaning windows

Alternative products:

  • Clean Environment Company Glass and Window Cleaner
  • Bi-O-Kleen Glass Cleaner
  • Natural Choices Glass and Surface Cleaner

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Cleaning toilets

Alternative products:

For scrubbing cleanser:

  • Natural Choices Oxy-Scrub
  • Clean Environment Company Natural Powdered Cleanser

For the toilet:

  • Clean Environment Company's Bathroom Cleaner; Basin, Tub, and Tile Cleaner
  • Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Cleaning Kitchen countertops

Alternative products:

  • Clean Environment Company All Purpose Cleaner
  • Charlie's Soap All Purpose Cleaner
  • Naturally Clean - For Your Kitchen - Enzyme Stain Cleaner

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Cleaning clothes

Alternative products:

For bleach:

  • Natural Choices Oxy Boost
  • Clean Environment Company's Color Safe Powdered Bleach and Liquid Bleach

For laundry detergent:

  • Bi-O-Kleen Laundry Powder
  • Natural Choices Laundry detergent oxy-prime powder
  • Clean Environment Company's detergent and softener

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