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This kids' room went through a major makeover — and now there's a rock wall!

Plain white walls get a burst of color in this boys' room makeover in Texas. See the before and after pictures.
/ Source: TODAY

Now here's a kids' bedroom that will make them forget about screen time.

Interior designer Linsey McNeel of Casual + Eclectic Interiors was tasked with turning a boys’ room into a fun space, and she definitely delivered. The result is a bright and airy room with tons of color, toy storage and even a rock climbing wall!

Located in Lumberton, Texas, the house's original kids' room, shared by a 4-year-old and 7-year-old, was pretty plain with white walls and lofted beds.

Rock climbing room
Before the makeover, the room was simple with plain white walls and lofted beds.Colleen Scott Photography

McNeel chose a color palette of bold hues, which she said felt fun and fresh, and then got to work.

A 3D rock climbing wall in the corner under the beds is the highlight of the new room, but McNeel said it was also one of the most challenging to build.

After the makeover, the room is bursting with color!Colleen Scott Photography

“It required mathematical forethought, and meticulous attention to detail,” she told TODAY Home. “For that I had to bring in the big guns: my engineer husband who loves nothing more than a challenging equation.”

It took about four hours to figure the spacing out, but once it was done, it fit like a glove. “From there on, it was smooth sailing!”

McNeel painted the geometric wall design by taping different shapes and filling it in with different colors.Colleen Scott Photography

Next to the rock wall is a colorful geometric mural which McNeel created by drafting a random pattern, taping off different shapes on the wall and painting them in with different colors.

There's even a designated spot for Spike, the family gecko, with an oversized purple-painted arrow pointing to his tank.

A purple arrow designates Spike the gecko's spot.Colleen Scott Photography

The room also has plenty of storage space for toys and loose items. “I wanted to do something new and fresh,” she explained. “With that in mind, I spotted mini metal trash cans and gave them a couple of upgrades for a new look.”

Metal trashcans create a unique storage option.Colleen Scott Photography

Bright red lockers from IKEA give the space another burst of color and extra storage.

Bold red lockers give the room another burst of color.Colleen Scott Photography

McNeel’s advice for anyone who wants to decorate a kids room is to not be afraid to try something new. “Find what inspires your kid, and do your best to bring the magic in whatever creative means necessary.”

See more pictures and find out about the whole makeover process at McNeel’s blog.