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This house features a different Disney theme in each room — see inside

From Aladdin to Stitch, this home's decor features various Disney characters.
This bathroom in Kelsey Hermanson's home is inspired by her favorite Disney character: Ariel from "The Little Mermaid."
This bathroom in Kelsey Hermanson's home is inspired by her favorite Disney character: Ariel from "The Little Mermaid."Courtesy Kelsey Hermanson
/ Source: TODAY

Looking through photos of Kelsey Hermanson's home is a bit like walking straight into a Disney fairy tale.

The mother of two has carefully decorated all but two rooms in her house with a whimsical Disney theme, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Hermanson's fanciful taste in home decor stems from a lifetime love affair with all things Disney, and she first decided to turn her family's home into a Disney oasis when they moved to Hawaii several years ago.

"We lived on the island of Oahu for about three years and I missed being close to the Disney parks so I started decorating our home with a Disney theme," she said. "I started with an Alice bathroom then an Ariel bathroom for my kids and I didn’t stop until each room had its own theme."

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This guest bedroom has an "Enchanted Tiki" theme.Courtesy Kelsey Hermanson

When the family relocated to the Seattle area three years ago, Hermanson got to work decorating her new home, and it's safe to say she's been pretty busy transforming her space since then. For starters, the mother of two designed a "Lilo and Stitch" living room that reminds her of her time in Hawaii.

"Lilo and Stitch" fans would love this living room.Courtesy Kelsey Hermanson

A Rapunzel-themed entry room has plenty of accents of purple and yellow and Disneyartwork to boot.

We could see ourselves living here!Courtesy Kelsey Hermanson

Another bathroom is decked out in an "Aladdin" theme, and even has an adorable magic lamp faucet.

The magic is in all the detailed decorations.Courtesy Kelsey Hermanson

Every room in the house is decorated with a Disney theme, with the exception of her 7-year-old daughter Patina's room, which has a Nintendo theme, and her husband Eric's office, which has some Disney artwork in it but no specific Disney theme.

An "Aladdin" themed bathroom.Courtesy Kelsey Hermanson

With so many amazing rooms to choose from, it's hard to select a favorite, but Hermanson especially loves her Cinderella-themed bedroom.

"It’s the most recent room I have decorated Disney. I love this room because I found the perfect antique furniture and painted it all myself. I really like the overall dreamy aesthetic the room has," she said.

This talented decorator is also pretty crafty and makes a lot of items for her home.Courtesy Kelsey Hermanson

Hermanson mostly keeps the same themes in her house throughout the year, but has fun switching things up a bit during the holidays. The living room gets a "Coco" makeover at Halloween and many other rooms are decorated with a "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme.

At Christmas, the house gets an "under the sea" makeover (Hermanson's favorite Disney character is Ariel) and the front yard gets decorated with a "Frozen" theme.

There are plenty of Disney characters represented in the house, and TODAY Home was curious to know: What are some of the family's favorite movies?

Hermanson loves "The Little Mermaid" and her husband prefers "Cool Runnings." As for their daughters? Camber, 2, loves "Frozen" and Patina, 7, adores "Wreck it Ralph."

When she began sharing photos of her Disney home on Instagram five years ago, Hermanson never expected it would resonate with so many people, but she's glad it has.

"I decorated our home Disney really for us to enjoy but it has been an extraordinary experience sharing it with so many people. I really enjoy bringing a little bit of magic to my followers everyday," she said.