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Keep cold air out! 6 tips for keeping your house warm and toasty this winter

Jason Cameron, host of DIY Network's "Desperate Landscapes" and "Man Caves," stopped by Studio 1A to show how you can keep your home warm and toasty, regardless of the weather outside.
/ Source: TODAY

Keep that cold weather outside!

Jason Cameron, host of DIY Network’s “Desperate Landscapes” and “Man Caves,” stopped by Studio 1A to show how you can keep your home warm and toasty, regardless of the weather outside.

Here are six tips to maintain a warm home this winter:

Get snow off your roof.

It’s important to remove snow from your roof to maintain proper insulation, but doing so can be a tricky job. Fortunately, the Roof Rake, available online, can help do the trick while standing on the ground. The rake has rollers to protect shingles, and it can be attached to an extension poll that will allow you to reach higher on the roof. Doing this chore routinely also prevents damage from a heavy snow load or ice dams.

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Keep your pipes from freezing.

If you have plastic or metal water pipes, keep them from freezing by using the Frost King Water Pipe Heat Cable. This product can help your pipes work properly with temperatures as drastic as -38 degrees Fahrenheit.

To keep your outdoor faucets from freezing, cover and insulate them with the CoverMates Elite Outdoor Faucet Cover. It only costs about $6 and can be purchased online.


Use an electric heater for efficient heating.

If you need extra heating fast, consider the Envi room heather. It’s easy to install (no drilling required), and hangs directly on the wall. The heater stays cool to the touch but has an efficient, economical heating system that will warm you up in no time.

Keep cold drafts out.

If a room is chilly, go see if any cold air is seeping in through the windows. Keep cold drafts out and warm air in by using a window insulator kit. It reduces condensation and prevents frost buildup on windows.

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Seal of air conditioning ducts.

During the winter months, use plastic covers to seal off air conditioner ducts. Most vent and grille covers include a rubber gasket that allows for a tight seal, keeping cool air out.

Seal the fireplace.

Improperly sealed fireplaces are one of the major places where heat loss occurs. Get a fireplace plug, which is an inflatable and reusable product, which fits into the firebox below the damper and creates a seal to stop any air leakage. Just make sure the fireplace doesn’t have any hot coals before you start installation.