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At Home with TODAY: Katie Lee gives a tour of Hamptons kitchen

TV chef and cookbook author Katie Lee opens the doors to her Water Mill, New York home to give TODAY Home a tour of her kitchen.
/ Source: TODAY

Katie Lee loves to cook and entertain — both on her hit Food Network show, "The Kitchen," and at home in Watermill, New York. Now, she's invited TODAY to get a tour of her personal kitchen.

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"The kitchen is definitely the room that gets used the most in my house," Lee told TODAY Home. But judging by the clean and organized room, you wouldn't necessarily know it. One of the first things you notice is how immaculate and white the space is — and that's by design.

"I really like keeping my kitchen counters as clear as possible, I tend to function better when there's less clutter. I like a very clean kitchen and when I'm cooking I try to clean as I go," she said.

Katie Lee's kitchen
You won't find a mess in Katie Lee's kitchen!Claudia Sintigo/TODAY

While she love the white walls and stainless steel, Lee's favorite part of the room is the open floor plan — a reason she cites for buying the house in the first place. "It's a nice, big open kitchen that leads on to the living room, so if I have people over ... I can cook, we can talk, we can eat, drink; it's really the best part of the house."

Katie Lee's house
The open floor plan is great for entertaining.Claudia Sintigo/TODAY

The chef, TV host and cookbook author admits that while she loves to entertain, she'd rather have fewer chefs in the kitchen.

"I prefer to cook alone, (but) people always come and hang out in the kitchen. So I try to have as much done ahead of time as possible so that I'm really just putting finishing touches on because I can't concentrate when everybody is around. I want to talk and be part of the party and then I forget to add the parsley or I let something burn."

Katie Lee
If any scraps hit the ground, Lee's pup, Gus, is there to help her out.Claudia Sintigo/TODAY

When it comes to fancy cooking gadgets, Katie says the mini-food processor is the tool she uses most. "I think kitchen real estate is very valuable so something has to perform multiple functions for me to give it space in my drawers."

Fancy gadgets aside, Katie insists a good set of basic tools is all you need to be a good cook. "Really, you need three knives: a chef's knife, a paring knife and a bread knife," she said. Then you need a couple of heavy-bottomed pots and pans, a wooden spoon, a spatula, a cutting board and some tongs, she suggests. Once you have those core tools, "then you can do just about anything!"