JoJo Siwa's bedroom in her new house is filled with 4,000 pounds of candy

You just have to see it for yourself.
/ Source: TODAY

JoJo Siwa recently moved into a new home in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and now she is showing off her insane, candy-filled bedroom.

The YouTube sensation and former “Dance Moms” star showed off her recently renovated room in a video.

Siwa welcomes viewers into her new, brightly colored bedroom.Its JoJo Siwa / YouTube

“Welcome to Sweetland,” she shouted in a purple Willy Wonka-style outfit.

You can see her vanity's drawers are filled with sprinkles in this shot!Its JoJo Siwa / YouTube

Siwa said in the video there are more than 4,000 pounds of candy in her new room, which features a vanity filled with sprinkles and a headboard made of candy dispensers.

Siwa points to her headboard, which is giant tubes of candy.Its JoJo Siwa / YouTube

Her bed has giant candy-shaped pillows on it that are scented so it’s like she’s napping on sweet treats when she sleeps. There’s also a pillow with her face on it — a throwback to her old bedroom, which featured her image gracing the duvet.

Last month, she posted a video showing off more of the house. Viewers got to take a tour of her “7-Eleven,” which is a corner of the home with a popcorn maker, pizza display, nacho chips, nacho cheese and a slushy maker.

The 7-Eleven corner at Siwa's house.Its JoJo Siwa/ Youtube

She also has several mannequins in her clothes from various tours and music videos in the foyer of the house, greeting guests as they come in.

A look at the mannequins arranged as a sort-of museum to the YouTube star.Its JoJo Siwa/ Youtube

The family just moved into the home in late December, and Siwa said, "So far, it has been amazing."